Our Cakes

Our Cakes

Here at EYG Kitchen, we believe cake is ALWAYS a good idea. Our cakes are always 100% cruelty-free and use natural sugars and ingredients, meaning you can enjoy them guilt-free too! All off our cakes are vegan and most are gluten-free if not can be made gluten-free if specified. We offer a wide range of cakes in various different styles, both raw or mostly raw cheesecakes and tarts as well as your traditional sponge cake variety, all of which are loved by all who try them! If you’d like your cake to feature your favourite flavours and ingredients be sure to let us know. Chocolate, pb, coconut, fruity, salted caramel, whatever the flavour we’re happy to give it a go, so don’t be shy!

**please note orders must be placed a minimum of five days in advance and will be subject to the availability of requested date, so make sure to get you’re orders in early to avoid disappointment! **

Cheesecake-style cakes

Developed from our previous range of slices, these ‘cheesecake’-style cakes have a crumbly chewy base and luscious mousse-like creamy topping. 100% Vegan, gluten-free and free from refined sugars and oils. Made with good-quality nutritious and natural ingredients such as dates, coconut oil, nuts and seed, raw cacao and fresh fruit. The perfect cake for those who want to indulge a little on a special occasion but still feel light and energised after a slice (or two!). We offer an extensive range of flavours, cookie dough being one of our most popular!

‘Cookie Dough’


‘cookie dough’



Fully-raw chocolate and strawberry cheesecake


choc hazelnut cheesecake topped with our handmade vegan ‘ferrero rochers’
‘Ferrero Rocher’ cheesecake









Small: £13 || Medium: £24 || Large: £32

(square and round options available)


Our tarts are truly special. Also free from refined sugars, oils and gluten-free using good-for-you ingredients and only natural sugars, these tarts are as nutritious a dessert as you can get. We’re always eager to experiment in the kitchen to create the specific cake you’ve been searching for, so if there are particular flavour combos you’re interested in be sure to let us know!

Raspberry Tart
Raspberry Tart



















Medium: £15 || Large: £25

Sponge Cakes

Our ever-popular sponge cakes never fail to put a smile on our customer’s faces! Free from refined sugars and oil, make sure to specify if you’d prefer a gluten-free version. Here are EYGK we believe part of a healthy life-style is a healthy mind-set. This includes knowing you can indulge in something a little more decadent from time-to-time and fully enjoy it! As long as you’re not harming any other animal of course! So feel free to let your imagination run wild and we’ll be happy to make your cake dreams a reality!

We offer various frosting options including: vegan buttercream, coconut-based whipped vegan creams and a chocolatey high-protein low-fat frosting (pictured below). Be sure to specify which you fancy best when placing your order.

Peanut butter Choc Cake






Three-tiered wedding cake: Vanilla sponge, Chocolate and strawberry


Vanilla sponge, chocolate and strawberries



Two Layers: Small – £12  ||  Medium – £16  ||  Large – £24

Additional layers: £4 (each)

For multi-tiered cakes contact us for a quote: eatyogreensblog@gmail.com