Eat Yo Greens Kitchen

Eat Yo Greens Kitchen

Eat Yo Greens Kitchen offers a range of products – all vegan, free from refined sugars and oils. All recipes have been carefully developed from scratch and submitted to a rigorous round of taste testing before receiving the EYGK stamp of approval! Take a look at each of our carefully crafted products to help you decide which ones will make your taste buds tingle!

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  • Vegan: V
  • Gluten Free: GF
  • Dairy Free: DF
  • Nut Free: NF
  • Raw Vegan: RV

The sugar content for a serving of each of the products has been included for the benefit of those, such as diabetics, who are cautious of their sugar intake. Please note that these are approximate measurements as each of the products are handmade so may be slightly larger/smaller at times. Also note that any sugars are natural sources of sugar as a result of ingredients such as dates, agave syrup, etc. 

Berry Bliss slice 

IMG_8197 Berry Bliss is one of the EYG slices. A chewy base with a little crunch, topped with a creamy mousse-like topping which packs a fruity punch. Made with 100% natural ingredients including dates, almonds, cashews and fresh juicy berries, this refreshing treat will satisfy your sweet tooth without weighing you down!

12.9g sugars/serving

£2.75/slice  V | DF | GF* | RV*(specify for gluten free version)


PB Choc Slice


An indulgent treat for peanut butter lovers and chocaholics alike. A chewy yet crunchy base topped with a choc pb mousse to satisfy all your cravings. Packed full of antioxidant rich raw cacao powder and energy giving pb, this dessert will surely give you an energy boost!

20g sugar/serving

£2.75/slice  V | DF | GF*

*(please specify for gluten free version)


Cookie Dough Slice


New to the EYG kitchen, this slice is fast becoming a favourite! Everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure healthified into an indulgent but good-for-you treat. This slice is made up of a base of cookie dough and two mousse-like layers, one chocolate, the other vanilla. Studded with two mini balls of the glorious cookie dough, because you can never have too much cookie dough.

31g sugar/serving 

£3.00/slice   V | DF |GF* 

*(specify for gluten free version)


Superfood Rocky Road bites

IMG_8654 An everything-but-the-kitchen-sink creation at a health freaks house! These little bites are packed full of good for you ingredients including pumpkin seeds, goji berries, pistachos and flaked coconut,all coated in luscious dark chocolate, making each bite a powerhouse of nutrients. Perfect for when those 4PM munchies hit!

£2.50/ bag of 5 pieces V | GF | DF



Mini Raspberry cheesecakes 

DSC_8298Vegan cheesecakes? Yep, you heard right. These mini ‘cheesecakes’ are little bites of cheesecake heaven without all the processed junk found in their traditional counterparts. Bursting with tangy, fruity flavour, these are the perfect choice for those who prefer their desserts to be a little lighter!

19.5g sugar/serving

£3.00/for 2 cheesecakes (or buy 4 and get the 5th free)  V | DF | GF* | RV*

*(please specify for raw or gluten free version)

PB Brownies


Ooey gooey chocolate delight. These rich brownies may not taste healthy but they don’t contain any refined sugars or oils and have a fraction of the sugar and fat that traditional brownies contain, allowing you to indulge without feeling guilty!

13.5g sugar/serving

£2.00/brownie V | DF



Nutter’s Bar


Basically a healthy vegan recreation of the famous Snickers bar, this one is a very firm favourite! A chewy base, gooey date caramel and crunchy peanuts, all coated in dark chocolate and topped with extra peanuts for good measure. You’d be nuts not to try this one!

17.5g sugar/serving

£2.50/bar V | DF | GF*

*(specify for gluten free option)


PB Cup Donuts 


The first of many many donuts that will emerge from the EYG kitchen! The classic combo of peanut butter and chocolate packed into a light, spongy donut made from 100% whole wheat flour, coated in a chocolate glaze and topped with chucks of house-made reeces-style peanut butter cups.

£2.00/donut or 3 for £5.00 V | DF 



Fresh Ravioli 

img_1102 img_8754

Our fresh vegan ravioli comes in three varieties:

  • wild mushroom
  • wild mushroom and almond ricotta
  • butternut squash and almond ricotta

Our pasta dough is carefully handmade, rolled and stuffed with our unique fillings including our almond ricotta which is also handmade. Deliciously dairy-free, we guarantee you’ll enjoy our fresh ravioli as much as any traditional fresh pasta!

£4.00/200g  (mushroom and almond ricotta) V | DF

£3.50/200g (butternut squash ravioli)  V | DF 

£3.50/200g (mushroom) V | DF | NF