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19th November 2016


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Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a devoted seeker of information. I am constantly watching documentaries, listening to audiobooks and podcasts, watching TED Talks or reading books/articles/research studies. Even when I’m in the kitchen preparing large orders for EYG, there’s nothing I prefer than to be listening to lectures or documentaries on all sorts of topics, it has become quite the habit. As a result, I’ve accumulated lengthy list of treasured documentaries which I have found to particularly informative and often have greatly impacted my life in some way.

I thought I’d compile a little shortlist of my very favourites for you guys, so here are the documentaries I believe everyone should watch.



Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE should watch this documentary. One of what I like to consider as the ‘holy grail’ of vegan documentaries, this graphic, intense documentary unveils the extreme suffering animals endure in the food, cosmetic, entertainment and pet industries. A complete eye-opener, the first time I ever watched this I was oblivious to animal’s struggles, an omnivore and believed my sister to be absolutely crazy for being a vegetarian. Before the documentary had even finished, I’d become vegan. I know it’s not an easy one to watch, but just consider how much harder it is for the animals who are actually experiencing the events that you are simply witnessing and maybe it will help to put into perspective the importance of the message the documentary is attempting to convey.

  • Forks Over Knives


The second of the key vegan documentaries, Forks Over Knives focuses specifically on the health benefits of a vegan diet, it’s alkalising properties which help to prevent and even reverse major diseases! If you have any doubts about wether or not a whole foods vegan diet is actually healthy and wether it will be able to satisfy all your nutritious requirements (and that infamous ‘protein question’ of course), then this documentary will lay all your concerns to rest! Educate yourself to ensure that you form an educated opinion!!

  • Samsara and Baraka






*Samsara trailer* *Baraka trailer*

Two of my favourite documentaries in the whole entire world. Seriously I love these. Baraka and it’s successor Samsara (meaning ‘the ever turning wheel of life’- how beautiful is that!) , both use breathtaking footage and powerful music instead of words to juxtaposition miracles within the natural world to incredible scenes of human life; including religious ceremonies, industry and bustling transports. Without uttering a single word, these documentaries will evoke a thousand emotions and sensations.

  • Cowspiricy


*Cowspiricy trailer*

The final in my triad of vegan documentaries, Cowspiricy covers the environmental impact of meat (specifically beef production) and the detrimental effects that the industry has on our planet. If you’re not swayed by the damage animal products are to your health and the suffering they cause, perhaps you’ll be convinced by the extreme impact their production has on the earth and it’s resources. A seriously interesting and informative watch, discover the single industry on earth which is most responsible for deforestation, global warming, mass species extinction, water depletion and ocean ‘dead zones and be horrified by the powerful institutions which go to such lengths to keep the industry’s secrets.

  • The True Cost 



Have you ever wondered how it is that all those popular high street brands (big labels too) – H&M, Top Shop, Forever 21, Zara, Urban Outfitters, Primark, etc – are able to sell decent quality clothing at such affordable prices? This documentary will introduce you to the individuals who are paying the real price for the clothing you wear. Meet the millions of  workers in the fashion industry who manufacture clothes all day, every day in wretched conditions for ridiculously poor wages, desperate to support their families. You’ll never be able to see clothing in the same way again.

  • Gary Yourofsky: The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear

Gary Yourofsky, an american animal rights activist, is a complete legend. In this particular speech (which has millions of views on youtube), he will remove your ‘blinders’ and reveal the animal holocaust currently taking place. He very clearly lays out the very strong scientific evidence for the herbivorous diet nature intended for us, the harm our current diets are causing both to ourselves and our fellow earthlings, the incredible health benefits from a plant based diet and how and why you should make the transition. His humorous, witty approach will keep you throughly engaged and entertained throughout the entire speech (it’s just an hour of your time peeps, surely you can spare that time!!), presenting a moral dilemma and leaving  the choice on how to act in your hands. Everyone should watch this.

And just so you have one less excuse, here’s the direct link to the video of the speech:

And if you can only spare 15 minutes, here’s a pre-cursor to the speech – Gary being interviewed by an Israeli news presenter:


  • Before The Flood


*Trailer link*

This documentary is relatively new and features the actor and environmentalist Leonardo DiCaprio, who interviews key scientists, activists and world leaders about the terrifying effects of climate change that are wrecking havoc on our planet. DiCaprio demonstrates the very real and very very serious current status of climate change and explores ways in which the situation could be improved. A MUST WATCH. Here’s the link I watched it on:


Please let me know if you do watch any of these, I’d love to know what you think! Watch out for future additions to my little shortlist, I’m certain I’ll discover new favourites soon enough!


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