3rd June 2016

Açai Bowl


Açai Bowl
how could you NOT get excited at the sight of this??

Açaî (ah-sigh-EE) bowls, a.k.a bowls of  extra thick smoothies topped with a wide array of fruits, granola, nut butters or whatever your heart desires quite frankly, are all the rage at the moment. It seems to me that every time I scroll down my instagram feed, it’s an endless array of colourful, gloriously decked out bowls of deliciousness. Yes, smoothie bowls, and especially açaî bowls have recently hit the mainstream in social media. However, there are a range of health benefits which accompany this latest trend.

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Açaî berries are a fruit harvested from the açaî palm trees, native to the rainforests of South America. They have been touted as a superfood due to being loaded with antioxidants, fibre, polyphenols and omega fatty acids! These help to promote healthy skin, hair and heart health. The high levels of vitamin C  in the berries also help to boost the functioning of your immune system.

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Açaî berries can be brought in various forms including freeze dried in powdered form and in frozen açaî packs. One or both of these should be fairly easy to find at your local  health food shop, if not can easily be purchased online and shipped straight to your door (*all praise Amazon*). Although these products can be pretty pricey, they honestly do last a good while as you’re only using a teaspoon or so (of the powder) per bowl. Unless you’re eating açaî bowls for breakfast lunch and dinner, which would be awesome for your tastebuds but definitely not a smart thing to do.

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Personally, I am completely addicted to açaî bowls. I often have one for breakfast (or lunch) and I get so excited when I’m going to bed if I know I’m having an açaî bowl for breakfast. Yes, I am one of ‘those’ people who become incredibly excited at the thought of breakfast, don’t judge. Seriously though, one of these bowls are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that will keep you full and fired up all morning! I know some people may find the idea of eating a ‘smoothie’ with a spoon peculiar but once you give one a go, you’ll never look back…don’t knock it till you try it folks!

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Toppings galoreeee

Get creative with toppings. My personal favourites are sliced kiwi, pineapple, cacao nibs and granola!

Pro Tip: Buy bananas in big batches and allow them plenty of time to ripen. Ripe bananas should be SPOTTY, not yellow, and you should be able to peel them fairly easily. Cut them up and freeze them in little freezer bags, I recommend two per bag to make things easier when separating them for use! If you always have a supply of frozen bananas in your freezer you can whip up one of these bowls in an instant!

Açai Bowl
Prep time
Total time
There are many recipes out there for açaî bowls, this is simply the way I personally like to make mine. I featured these in a little stall I had at the local Health and Well being day a while back and they proved so popular that I promised I'd share it!
Serves: 1 bowl
  • 1-2 bananas, frozen for at least a few hours
  • ½ cup frozen berries
  • juice of 2 oranges
  • 1-2 tsp of açaî powder or one frozen açaî pack
  • your choice of toppings:
  • sliced fruit
  • goji berries
  • coconut flakes/desicated coconut
  • granola
  • cacao nibs
  • spoonful of nut butter
  1. Place frozen bananas, frozen berries, açaî powder/pack and orange juice in a blender and blend it smooth. If your blender is not very powerful you may need to add extra liquid (orange juice/apple juice/water/etc) to help it along.
  2. Pour the mixture out into a bowl and top with any toppings that you prefer. I usually top mine with more fruit, goji berries and granola for some added crunch. It's as easy as that, enjoy!



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