About EYG

About EYG


The Eat Yo Greens site was created to make healthy eating and living easy and accessible for all. On this site you will find recipes, health and fitness tips and tricks, as well as blog posts on travels, veganism and food. Lots of food. On ‘The Goods’ page you will find the range of EYG products currently on offer.

Here at Eat Yo Greens the focuses is placed on the nutritional value of food and ensuring that all products and recipes are 100% cruelty free and vegan. I don’t believe in counting calories, just goodness and therefore the macros of products are given. All products are made with 100% natural ingredients, no refined sugars or oils and can be made gluten free whenever possible (just specify in the order form). By shifting the focus from calories and macros to ensuring all ingredients are bursting with good-for-you nutrients, food becomes more enjoyable, making it healthier for both the body and mind!


The EYG kitchen is constantly buzzing with activity and new recipes and products are constantly being developed. Keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting products and follow our social medias for a behind the scenes glimpse!

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